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9 Best Cable Crossover Machines For Home Gym – Reviews & Buying Guide

Today, almost every gym has a cable crossover machine, you can use this machine for both weight and functional training. It typically consists of a steel-framed structure that is two meters high and three meters wide. The equipment has weight stacks located on both sides with adjustable pulleys that you can set to the height of your preference.

There are cables that run through the pulley and then connect to the weight stacks to be lifted. It is one of the most versatile exercise machines, as you can pull on the cables from different directions, therefore, the best cable crossover machine can be used to train different groups of muscle. You can also workout at home by using the best cable machines for home gym.

9 Top Cable Crossover Machines For Sale

With so many options available, it is difficult to decide the most optimum machine for your workout. We have reviewed Top 9 Cable Crossover Machines with their specifications and pros, to help you choose the best product for your home gym.



POWERLINE PCCO90X is a versatile machine that allows its users to perform many different exercises.


  • The machine comes in the best size for every room. It is 88” tall, 166” wide, and 39” long.
  • It has two chrome cable handles excluding the weights. The weights can be later added according to the users’ choice.
  • This cable crossover allows high and low pulley exercises with an excellent feature of 180-degree movement
  • Powerline comes with an instruction manual that is simple to understand and does not require many people to set it up.
  • It has a large diameter with high-resin top and bottom pulleys.
  • The 10-year frame warranty and a one-year warranty for other parts are provided by the manufacturer.


  • It helps you attain a body of total performers with its astounding features comprising of pulleys with large diameters, adjustable handles for height, which is great for people of tall heights.
  • This crossover comes with the option to use your own plates, which is something most people prefer and is of such a smart size that it is suitable for a typical room.
  • The dual grip of this cable crossover machine is locked-down and provides large width spacing.
  • The machine allows the user to perform all the exercises involving contraction and extraction.
  • This professional carriage system has nylon bushings that deliver a secure and reliable exercise experience every time.
  • The metal used in the manufacturing of the machine is great for a rough workouts. The edges of the body frame are also very durable and sturdy.
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2. Body-Solid Functional Cable Cross Training Center:

Body-Solid Functional Cable Cross Training Center

The Body-Solid Functional Cable Cross Training Center can inspire people to work out for a longer time with its flexible, easy to use, and sturdy cable crossover.


  • Product comes with a detailed manual to help you understand clearly what exercises can be done by it.
  • The load capacity of this machine is 210lbs per side which is enough for even athletes too.
  • It has a dual position pull-up bar.
  • This cable crossover is consist of fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys.
  • It has precision-fitted frame components which are constructed from commercial grade 11-gauge, 2″ x 4″ oval tubing.
  • Pull up bar is provided that is necessary to make the most effective bodyweight back exercises, for instance: the pull up and chin up.
  • Measurements of the dimensions are L 72.5″ (1843mm) X D 42.3″ (1074mm) X 83.8″ (2128mm).


  • The size of this cable crossover machine is smaller than the other crossover machines. This one also has weight stacks included of about 160 lb. which is the common stack used by people.
  • The crossover allows you to change the weight stack as you per your preference.
  • The handles of the machine not only provides a good grip but they are comfortable too. On the outer grip, it has nylon strips which makes exercising and holding easy yet strong.
  • With the features that are provided, the cost of the machine is quite reasonable.
  • The design of the equipment is sleek so it doesn’t ruin the look of your home gym.
  • The peerless thing about the machine is 180-degree movement of its pulley system and it moves with a bigger ratio on it. Due to this incredible feature, the users can go furthermore with the plates.
  • The resistance of the pulley moving in this kind of cable crossover machine is minimum, making the machine phenomenal as the exercises can be performed with an ideal flow.
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3. XMark Functional Trainer Commercial Cable Machine With Dual 200 lbs:

Inspire Fitness FTX Functional Trainer

XMark Trainer is the best commercial cable crossover machine well known for its precise iso lateral-base movements. It delivers a variety of options for isolation workouts and muscle targeting.


  • This is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment and can be easily adjusted by anyone in your home
  • It provides unlimited training possibilities. It comes with 19 settings of quick-adjust pulleys, the accessories are also easily interchangeable.
  • It has dual 200 lb. weight stacks.
  • Several high-end accessories are also included in this package. Four kinds of straps are included in the product package i-e ankle strap, 2 long strap handles, 2 hand straps, and leg extension leg curl strap.
  • Comes with a triceps rope, a short and long bar.
  • This cable crossover offers heavy duty 11-gauge 2″ x 3″ steel mainframe construction which ensures that the XM-7626 is solidly built. The commercial grade pull up rig and pulley system of this equipment are extremely smooth.
  • This allow users a variety of options for muscle targeting and isolation by its iso lateral-based movements.
  • You can also perform chin-ups and pull-ups on the split grip pull-up bar.


  • XMark provides a flexible pulley system with 19 adjustable settings These adjustable settings allows the user to fit the size of the pulley according to their choice and size. It also makes the pulley more resistant, flexible and adds more variety to the workout routine.
  • Triceps rope and short and long bars of this cable crossover make it convenient to operate and handle with different forms. The machine also provides proper leg extension and leg curl.
  • Most of the cable crossover machines deliver different angles to the users to exercise, but this cable crossover machine gives most appropriate ropes, handles, and straps for a variety of exercising method making it a lot simpler for the user.
  • The great addition in the structure of the upper part of this cable crossover is long handles, long bars, and straps. While the lower part consists of leg extensions which are absolutely great for the lower body parts.
  • It offers around 200lbs. of weight stacks which means this allows users to have around 100lbs of resistance per side which is more than enough for an average person. And if you prefer to have more weight; the machine permits you to adjust that.
  • The body of this equipment is heavy duty construction and made of steel mainframe. It comes with a scratch resistant coat which lets you work around for a larger session than the other standard models.
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4. FreeMotion EXT Dual Commercial Cable Cross:

FreeMotion EXT Dual Cable Cross

The FreeMotion EXT Dual is a different kind of cable workout machine. This is an incredible piece for strengthening the body.


  • The dimensions of Dual Cable Cross are 60in L x 113in W x 84in H / Weighs: 925 lbs.
  • Weight Stacks are encompassed to control access to moving parts. These independent weight stacks allow two people to work out together.
  • The equipment offers independently rotating arms. To accommodate nearly any movement position each Arm rotates horizontally in 9in and vertically in 12in setting This counterbalancing of arms provides easier positioning.
  • Pulley design of this unique cable crossover provides a practically illimitable range of motion and assure fluid cable travel.


  • The swivel pulley system of this commercial cable crossover machine makes it less resistant than the other crossovers. The swivel design permits the users to move around with the machine in many motion directions with no resistance.
  • The machine works great for people who want to be an expert in particular sports.
  • An ankle cuff is padded inside the machine which makes the exercising comfortable and safe for the user.
  • The most important feature of this cable cross machine is its multi-functionality. In these models, two people can work out on the same machine at the same time.
  • This machine comes with complete precision and safety. The design, construction, and features are astoundingly allowing its users to easily workout for a longer period of time.
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5. Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage With Linear Bearing:

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage With Linear Bearing

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage is one stop for all the exercises combined. It is an amazing combination of features and works great for those who love workouts and strengthening their core.


  • It has off the floor base frame design which provides increased stability.
  • This cable crossover comes with a dual action leg developer with 6 oversized roller pads and row.
  • The smith machine that comes with a weight pulley system is better than a traditional one because it allows you to sit on or move according to the requirements of the exercise you are performing.
  • For proper muscle isolation, a proper pivot point is provided on the leg developer.
  • It offers adjustable bar catches and safety stoppers.
  • For seated row exercises, diamond plated non-slip foot brace.
  • Manufacturers offer 2 years warranty on parts.
  • Weights not included in the product.


  • This cable crossover provides ultra-glide and the press bar with linear bearings. It also has a dual function leg developer supplied for the ease of users.
  • The pulley system of this machine is at the low side which works perfectly when working out for row and foot exercises.
  • The pulley systems of this equipment are operated with different motion system, this helps to keep the resistance less and exercise precise.
  • The multi-functional bench is also attached which gives you support to perform many exercises smoothly and helps you to focus on the muscles only.
  • It also has a total leg developer and bicep preacher curl. The main function of both these specs is to give you a boost to work on both your hands and legs at the same time.
  • The weights encompassed in this equipment is more than the other available machines. It can have 600lbs. of weights in total which can be adjusted according to your preference.
  • The Olympic weight plate pegs are included along with the cable pulley machine which can be a great addition for an athlete or a gym-freak.
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6. Caribou III Home Gym & Smith Machine – Dip, Preacher Curl, Pec Deck, and Cable Crossover:

Caribou III Home Gym & Smith Machine – Dip, Preacher Curl, Pec Deck, and Cable Crossover

Caribou III is an incredible combination of heavy-duty multi-gym and Smith Machine.


  • It has self-oiling bushings with a chin-up bar.
  • Comes with a free low row foot plate and 47 inches & 18-inch bars.
  • Olympic Adapters for Smith Bar are included in the product.
  • Consist of a flat bench with dual lat station and foot plate.
  • It has leg curl/extension, and smith bar.
  • Dimensions of this cable crossover is 85″ high (top to bottom), 68″ wide (side to side) and 48″ deep (front to back).


  • The Caribou provides an amazing feature of dual bar holders as well as safety rail spotter arms. This Smith Machine is coupled with the freedom and uni-lateral movement of free weights and gives maximum safety.
  • The machine not only offers a lat pull-down unit but also provides a chin-up bar with an integrated dip station mount.
  • The Smith machine has an oilite bushings mechanism which slides over solid chrome rods. This bushing feature provides a piston-like action by a sliding motion over chrome rods. You can also lock out any time by a quick turn of the wrist.

7. Valor Fitness BD-58 Half Rack:

Valor Fitness BD-58 Half Rack

The Deltech Fitness Linear Smith Machine has a built in a storage rack for your free weights, this is a great feature for home workout areas with limited space.


  • On solid steel bar it contains precision linear roller bearings.
  • It has an Olympic Bar with 700 lb. weight capacity.
  • When the equipment is not in use m, its rear supports hold plates.
  • Weights are not included in the product.
  • It is constructed of 11 and 14 gauge steel tubing, this machine is solid, sturdy and easy to use.
  • All connections of this cable crossover are welded to an American welding society specification.


  • Deltech Fitness provide a minimalist footprint which allows it to sit along your power rack without overfilling the space.
  • The mechanics of this cable crossover machine are smooth and safe.
  • The built-in spotters of this equipment are extremely heavy duty. Lockouts have 6-inch spacing. The weight capacity of this machine is 700 lbs.
  • Deltech is a basic Smith Machine that is built to last a lifetime and warranted to keep you in peace.

8. Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym:

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym provides a total body strength workout at an affordable price. t’s one of the best cable crossover machines that comes with a rowing machine rail.


  • Assembly of the product is available in the manual.
  • Comes with 210 pounds of Power Rod resistance.
  • This incredible machine helps you build muscles on your chest, abs, back, shoulders, arms, and lower body.
  • The machine includes triple-function hand grips for lat pull down.
  • It also offers a horizontal bench press with four-inch upholstered roller cushions for leg extensions and leg curl exercises.
  • The rowing machine rail also gets folded when you have performed your workout.
  • Moving the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym to a new room is not included in the service.
  • Additional service fees are deducted on a longer assembly of the equipment.


  • This cable crossover machine not only provides 5 to 210 lbs. of resistance but also offers up to 30 strength exercises. This equipment can be a reliable and relaxing platform for you to build a great body.
  • It is one of the most comfortable and easy storing machines with an upholstered roller cushion.
  • A broad range of exercises can be done with this cardio rowing machine. Such as bench press, seated shoulder press, front shoulder raise, scapular retraction, crossover seated rear rows, trunk rotation, seated lat rows, seated low back extension, reverse grip pull-down, triceps pushdown, triceps extension, leg press, leg extension, wrist curl and lots more.
  • It is a huge machine that requires a 100 x 78-Inch minimum workout area to set. The good thing about it is that it is foldable, so you can fold the machine when you are done with it.
  • It is a great design machine that is rich in features and quality too. The product delivers a true balance and red border combination which is astounding. So for smart working futuristic equipment and affordable budget, this is one of the top choice cable crossover machines available.

9. Valor Fitness CB-12:

Valor Fitness CB-12

Valor Fitness provides a variety of exercises such as Standing Arm Curls, Triceps Pull Down, Lat Pull Down, Standing Leg Extensions, Abs Crunches, Seated Row, Upright Row, and more.


  • On the back end of the unit, it has plate storage pegs that keep the plates off the floor and in an easy to find location.
  • Plate loading carriages of this equipment can hold up to 250lbs units. Also, it is important to be cautious when returning the carriage to the starting position.
  • Valor Fitness provides four adjustment positions for the seat pad and four rubber base caps which measure about 3.25-Inch x 2.75-Inch.
  • Neoprene Abs Crunch Harness is provided with Soft Handles.
  • This cable crossover machine comes with maximum safety, lat pulldown is provided with storage hooks. Two accessory chains are given for accessory attachment.
  • It is made with high-quality material, high tension nylon pulley’s are attached for long-lasting performance.
  • It has a steel frame which is made from 2-Inch x 2-Inch and 12 gauge steel tubing.
  • Comes with a locking pull-pins for adjustments.


  • Valor Fitness delivers high tension nylon pulleys to provide a smooth, natural pulley operation. It provides you with a full range of exercises both high and low pulleys exercises.
  • This incredible cable crossover have so many extra features. The machine comes with a front lower cable attachment for leg extensions or stand up curls. Also offers adjustable front foot plate for stand up rows, seated rows, or curls.
  • A thick padded seat feature with knee pads of this equipment allows you to lock in your position and provides extra safety. A back pad against the main frame also provide extra support.
  • The mechanism has a neoprene abs crunch harness with a front lower cable attachment.

How Does a Cable Crossover Machine Work in 2021?

When you work on cable crossover machines, you apply force to your muscles in the direction which you can freely change with the help of the pulley. Weight stacks used in cable crossover machines are generally made of rectangular plates, these weights are used for resistance and weigh about 10 to 20 pounds each.

To use weight benches, you just have to slide in a pin through the plate. Weight is then inserted through the guide rods, and different handles can also be used to provide variation in the workout. If we talk about fitness today, no doubt we are surrounded by a multitude of options.

There are personal trainers, gyms, individual classes, and home gym best commercial cable crossover machines, so people have their own preferences. However, the most common choice amongst these is home gym equipment. Above all, working out in the serenity and ease of your home really cannot be compared with anything else.

Types of Cable Crossover Machines

Cable Crossover Machines

There are two main types of cable crossover machines.

1. Fixed-Resistance Cable Crossover Machine:

In this kind of crossover machine, cables and pulleys arranged in a preset manner mean you have to lift the weight stacks by leveling the handle at the end of the cable. It needs more effort into specific parts of your exercise as your muscles change in length and also because of the pull’s angle.

It happens because the weight you are lifting during exercise changes and since your muscles are not put through the same kind of work in one movement. It provides maximum resistance to those parts where the joint’s angle is at its weakest. Shoulder presses, bench presses, and triceps presses are some of the examples of exercises you can do on a fixed-resistance cable crossover machine.

2. Adjustable Cable Crossover Machine:

This one is a more common type of crossover machine and is usually present in gyms these days. It comes with a wheel or cam that looks like a kidney bean. The cable moves over the cam to affect the weight stacks and the pivot point which turns the cam. During demanding exercises, the distance between the weight stacks and the pivot point can be decreased to make it simpler to lift the weights.

Whereas the distance can be increased too when easier exercises are being performed. These machines can train muscles evenly throughout the motion by providing the adjustment of distance and weight stacks. These are an excellent choice for single-joint exercises, like biceps curls, and multi-joint exercises, like overhead presses.

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Benefits of Cable Crossover Machines

Benefits of Cable Crossover Machines

1. Intense Workout With The Convenience:

Cable crossover machines provide intense workouts with ease. The equipment is quite simple to use and offers you the freedom to isolate one muscle group at a time. Then allows you to focus on working out on that muscle group. You do not need to have a lot of coordination and can probably lift more weights than you can in free weight training.

2. Quick Set-Up:

One major benefit of cable crossover machines is that it hardly takes any time to set up. It is opposite to many other forms of weight training machines, for instance, in the case of free weight training you have to manually adjust the weights. Thus, the best cable crossover machine is more fluid and flexible to exercise in comparison to free weights.

3. Maximum Strength With Safety:

Cable crossover machines come with maximum safety and provide strength to your body. It lets you work on those small muscles which usually do not get worked up in everyday life.

4. Variety of Exercises:

Cable machines are very versatile and can be used to perform a wide range of exercises. It is a universal piece of equipment with which you can perform almost all the exercises. Cable machines permit you to work from many different directions and various angles.

5. Activate Core Muscles:

Most of the cable cross machines help in activating the core muscles. These muscles include abs, hips, and lower back, which is a great product for all those looking for an astounding session at the gym.


Cable crossover machines are very easy to use and set up requires little to zero effort. This equipment pretty much takes care of stabilizing your body. It is easier to lift weights in cable machines so you end up lifting more weight as compared to other weight training machines. We have discussed the best way to pick the best cable crossover machine along with the top 9 best commercial cable crossover machines with their features, take a guide from the discussion, and choose according to your workout requirements. We would prefer you to buy the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym because of its best selling at the cheapest rate. It’s one of the best cable crossover machine that comes with a rowing machine rail.