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3 Best Gazelle Exercise Machines of Tony Little 2022 – Reviews

Gazelle Exercise Machine

There is no doubt that it is important to remain healthy and fit. Our bodies crave exercise as they are meant to be moving. Regular exercise is foremost for good health and physical fitness. It decreases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and many other diseases. Exercise keeps you fit, improves your appearance, and delays the aging process.

One of the most effective workout machines is Gazelle Exercise Machine, the equipment that not only helps you lose weight but also improves your cardio function, tones your muscles, and makes your body shape.

What is a Gazelle Exercise Machine?

The machine consists of two foot pedals that glide and two handlebars that move in the opposite direction to the pedals. The machine creates a very effective workout because of the amount of resistance it offers. This is an easy to use, versatile equipment which works wonderfully for new as well as a level exerciser.

Whether you are looking to build maximum muscle mass or you just want to start exercising, the Gazelle will provide you with a variety of muscular benefits.

Types of Gazelle Workout Machines:

People often ask if the gazelle elliptical glider is a good workout. Well if you use this piece of equipment regularly and correctly, the Gazelle will help you get all health and fitness benefits. Now the question is which gazelle glider is the best? There are three different models of Gazelle, these are:

1. Gazelle Edge Glider

2.Gazelle Supreme Glider

3.Gazelle Freestyle

Gazelle Edge Glider and Gazelle Freestyle offer no resistance other than your body’s weight, and working with a model with less resistance creates higher-intensity exercises for cardio workouts. Gazelle Supreme Glider provides an added resistance feature, and using this model in a higher setting requires more muscular effort, helping you tone and build muscle and improve your muscular endurance faster.

Benefits of Gazelle Workout Machines:

Gazelle Exercise Machine

1. Fat-Burning Workouts:

Gazelle provides a fat-burning workout, and the number of calories burned depends on your level of expertise. If you are a beginner, use Gazelle at a slower pace to burn calories while you increase your cardiovascular stamina and build muscular endurance with time.

For an old exerciser, working on Gazelle for 30 minutes non-stop will make a big difference. You can also use Gazelle’s lowest resistance setting to permit you to work at a pace that resembles brisk walking.

2. Aerobic Workouts:

If you work at a faster pace for 20 minutes or longer, you will be able to burn more calories and challenge your cardiorespiratory system more. A combination of increased pace and higher resistance levels can help you create effective cardio workouts.

If you increase the resistance level on the machine by raising your heart rate this burns the calories faster but also tires you too quickly.

3. Interval Training:

Gazelle also provides sprint training, and good athletes can use a Gazelle to do interval training workouts. These workouts consist of high-intensity bouts. If you are doing sprint training, you will have to exercise for two minutes or less, with one or more minutes of rest between each sprint.

For an aerobic workout, it is suggested by Tony Little that you add several 30- to 90-seconds “Power Sprints” to your workouts.

4. Muscle Work:

The Gazelle workout machine requires you to use your muscles to move the machine’s levers and pedals as they come without a motor. This feature helps build and tone muscles, especially on low resistance models. Using the machine longer helps improve muscular endurance. Gazelle workout machine offers to target different muscles by allowing you to move your body in various positions.

For instance, if you stand on your toes it works on your calves more. Leaning backward engages your buttocks, hamstrings, and hips more. Leaning forward is great for your biceps and chest while moving your elbows out needs more triceps and last effort.

3 Best Gazelle Workout Machines 2022 For Sale – Buying Guide:

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

1. Gazelle Edge Glider:


Gazelle Edge Glideris an easy-to-use, gentle, low-impact exercise machine. This fitness aid is perfect for people who do not like to do tough workouts. Works ideally deal for beginners. It helps you lose weight by providing a total body toning workout


  • The dimensions of Gazelle Edge is 43″x 29 1/4″x 53 3/4″ (L xB xH).
  • Dimensions of the folded machine measure 66″ x 29 1/4″x 8 1/2″ (L xB xH).
  • The total weight of this exercise glider is 45lbs.


  • The maximum weight capacity for this model is 250 lbs.
  • The structure of the machine includes 1.5″ diameter rolled steel construction.
  • This model offers 6 exercises.
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Variety of Gazelle Edge Glider Exercises:

There are a number of exercises that can be done on the Gazelle Glider, all of which are variations of the Basic Glide.

1. Basic Glide:

The Basic Glide means on each of the two platforms stand with one foot and then move your feet back and forth.  This workout is performed while holding onto and moving the machine’s handlebars in the reverse direction to which your legs are moving.  This movement is quite similar to that of striding while swinging your arms.

2. Wide Glide:

When the basic glide is done with longer strides it becomes more intense and is known as the wide glide.

3. High Glide:

The most challenging of all three glides is the High Glide. In this kind of exercise, the user increases his pace and extends his arms and legs as far as possible, as they stride.

Working of Gazelle Edge Glider: 

Gazelle Exercise Machine

1. Calories Burnt:

The total number of burnt calories during a workout on Gazelle Edge Glider will depend upon:

1.Your current weight

2.Your fitness level

3.The intensity of your workout

If a person is working at a brisk pace and weighs 120 pounds, on average he will burn approximately 520 calories, every hour he exercises. Another person working at the same intensity, weighing 150 pounds, will burn around 650 calories an hour.  Whereas people weighing more than 200 pounds and working at the same level will burn in the vicinity of 840 calories an hour of workout they do on the Gazelle Edge Glider.

2. Required Time for Workout Session:

When exercising regularly, just 3 x 20-minute sessions a week should be enough to experience the benefits of the Gazelle Edge. You will be able to improve your body shape and lose weight faster by putting in more time and effort.

The workout that the best Gazelle exercise machine delivers is so low in the impact that it is almost impossible to overdo it. This feature allows you to safely extend the duration of your sessions to 30 minutes or more. If you wish you can also enhance the frequency of your workout from 4 to 5 times a week or more.

3. Ideal for Beginners:

The great thing about the Gazelle Edge Glider is that it is perfect for people who are new to exercise. If you are a beginner and prefer to go at a slow pace, you will still burn calories, improve your body shape, make your muscle tone, and, over time, lessen your body fat.

As this exercise becomes habitual for you, you can increase your speed and the effort you put in during the workout. This will give you an effective cardiovascular workout that burns additional calories.

4. Interval Training:

Interval training and power sprints feature are for an experienced exerciser who wants a more challenging workout. To perform power sprints, you have to go all out for thirty to ninety seconds.

This is done after warming up and when you are done with power sprints you do not ease back to a regular pace for a minute or two.  And if you alternate this sequence, you will burn so many calories and shape up really fast.

Advantages of Gazelle Edge Glide Machine:

Gazelle Exercise Machine

1. Display Panel:

The equipment comes with a digital display panel that shows your distance, time, speed, and calories burned.

2. Homely & Safe:

Gazelle Edge Glider provides extra-wide non-skid foot platforms that not only deliver comfortable sessions but also make your workout more safe and secure. It provides easy-to-grip, high-density foam-covered handlebars, and this makes it easy for people whose hands perspire a lot.

3. Low-Impact:

It is best to use it if you suffer from ankle, knee, or shin problems as it gives low-impact workouts.

4. Event Motion:

Gazelle Exercise Machine has a plain, smooth, fluid motion, in the lesser budget it gives the same quality as the exercise gliders that come with a far higher price tag.  Save yourself from awkward, jerky movements and provide a natural, comfortable, and easy workout.

5. Easy Assembly:

This one is easy and quick to assemble. The glider box contains all the necessary things that are needed for assembly, except the Phillips head screwdriver. The equipment comes partially assembled.

6. Affordable Price:

The Gazelle Edge Machine is a great exercise machine at a low price.  It is one of the best exercise gliders in this price range.

7. Light Weight:

Gazelle Edge can easily be relocated as it is so lightweight.

8. Easy Storage:

After a workout, you can easily fold it flat. It’s smart and compact and is good enough to store in a closet or under a bed.

9. Warranty:

The manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty for this model.

2. Gazelle Supreme Glider:


Gazelle Supreme Glider offers all of those features that the original Gazelle Edge contains, along with other additional benefits and capabilities. One significant feature among these is a greater user weight limit and adjustable resistance which makes the Gazelle Supreme satisfactory for a wider range of people.

This versatile elliptical glider delivers workouts at a level that suits everyone from beginner to medium-plus level exerciser. It can provide low-impact aerobic and resistance training in one workout. Another foremost specification of Gazelle Supreme is its gentle workouts, for this reason, the Gazelle Supreme Glider works wonderfully for people with ankle, knee, hip, or back problems who would generally find exercising painful.

It has smooth movement with no noise, this makes the workouts on the Gazelle Supreme Glider enjoyable. The Glider is a smart, compact design and works ideally for people who do not have much space in their place, it can be easily folded after use and wheeled away to store.


  • The dimensions of the product are 44″ x 31 1/2″ x 55″.43″ (L xBxH).
  • Dimensions of the folded machine are 65″ x 29.5″x 13″ (L xB xH).
  • The total weight of this exercise glider is 57 1/2lbs.
  • The maximum weight capacity of the Gazelle Supreme is 300 lbs.


  • It has a 2″ diameter rolled steel construction.
  • Comes with a 22 oz water bottle and holder.
  • This versatile model provides 10 exercises.
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Gazelle Supreme Glider Inclusions:

Gazelle Supreme Glider comes with an exercise chart, a nutrition guide, and 3 workout DVDs. The latter is entitled Total Body Workout, the Ultimate Body & Mind Workout, and Quick Shape Total Body Cardio Workout.

Working of Gazelle Supreme Glider

Gazelle Exercise Machine

1. Mechanism:

The mechanism of the gazelle supreme glider consists of the rhythmical movement of the machine’s two pedals and two handlebars back and forth. Your right arm moves forward as your left leg moves backward. And you move your right leg backward as your left arm moves forward. During the session, this movement is repeated and works on various muscle groups, and burns calories.

2. Calories burnt:

The calories you burn on the Gazelle Supreme Glider are impacted by many factors which include your weight, your stamina, and how hard & fast you can go fast. Through this glider, a 150-pound person can expect to burn about 260 calories in a 30-minute workout session.

That’s is equal to what you would burn bicycling at a decent clip but less than what you would burn running for the same interval of time.

3. Targeted Muscle Groups:

If you want a powerful machine that can provide you with a total body workout, Gazelle Supreme is the answer you are looking for. You can work on all of your major muscle groups by changing the position of your arms, legs, and torso. It can work from your arms and shoulders to your chest, core, thighs, butt, and calves

4. Variety of Exercises:

The Gazelle Supreme Glider is versatile equipment that can offer 10 different exercises.  The method of those exercises is shown in a guide that is provided with the machine box and on the companion DVDs.

The DVD is such a great help as it provides guidance and instructions on how to use your Gazelle Supreme for the most optimum results.

The given information includes how to position your body to target different muscle groups and where to hold the handlebars.

5. Additional Resistance:

One of the reasons that make Gazelle Supreme the top-of-the-line model is its added resistance. Gazelle Supreme includes pistons that provide added resistance. You get the most of your money by investing in a Gazelle with resistance.

This added resistance increases aerobic conditioning and strengthens muscles. The problem with Gazelles without resistance is that it allows you to use momentum, in preference of actual effort, to move the machine. It gives a lazy workout with fewer burnt calories as compared to the added resistance model.

Advantages of Gazelle Supreme:

Gazelle Exercise Machine

1. Display Screen:

Gazelle Supreme comes with a monitor that tracks your workout time, along with the distance covered, pulse rate, speed, and the calories burnt during the session.

2. Dual Pivot System:

This model includes a patented dual-pivot system to permit a full range of movement and enhance effectiveness.

3. Power Pistons:

It offers hydraulic resistance, and this added resistance enables challenging workouts with a high-calorie burn.

4. Soft-Glide Technology:

The equipment provides a smooth, gentle, low-impact workout through soft glide technology, this feature makes this glider perfect for people with joint issues.

5. Roomy Footplates:

This includes non-slip footrests which make the workout easy and secure.

6. Easy Storage:

Transport wheels make storage easy by enabling the Gazelle Supreme to be wheeled away when you are done with the workout and want to store it. The compact design can be stored beneath a bed with legs that are at least 10 inches long.

7. Heart Rate Monitor:

The handlebars of this glider contain a heart rate monitor that keeps records of your pulse.

8. Accessories:

The Gazelle Supreme Glider comes with a water bottle holder that can hold 22oz of water.

9. Warranty: 

The manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty.

3. Gazelle Freestyle:


The Gazelle Freestyle Glider is a budget-friendly, easy-to-use, efficient machine that improves your cardiovascular endurance as well as shape and firm up your muscles.

The built-in computer gives instant feedback on the number of calories burned and tracks your heart rate. This machine challenges the user without placing undue strain on his/her joints.


  • The dimensions of the product are 44″ x 33.5″ x 55″.5″(L xBxH).
  • Dimensions of the folded machine are 66″ x 33.5″x 10.5″ (L xB Hx).
  • It includes a fitness computer with a thumb pulse that keeps records of calories burnt and heart rate.
  • The maximum weight capacity of the Gazelle Supreme is 300 lbs.


  • It has a 2″ diameter rolled steel construction.
  • Comes with a 22 oz water bottle and holder.
  • This versatile model provides 10 exercises.
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Gazelle Freestyle Inclusions:

This model of Gazelle comes with a nutrition guide & meal plan. The box also includes the owner’s manual/exercise guide and two training DVD’s – Total Body Workout and Tony Little’sButtkickin’ Workout DVD

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Working of Gazelle Freestyle:

1. Multi-Functional Exercise Machine:

The Gazelle Freestyle Glider is a piece of multi-purpose equipment that ensures that you do not get bored doing the same exercise. The glider provides around ten exercises from the basic glider to the power glider. The product allows you to go from walking to running smoothly.

The great thing about this glider is that it increases your aerobic fitness levels as well as tones your muscles and makes your body shape. The versatile model works on the upper body and the lower body. It works on your entire body including your back, arm, thighs, calves, and glutes. It also burns calories effectively and makes your cardiovascular endurance better.

2. Required Time for Workout Session:

3 x 20 minutes sessions in a week should be enough to experience the benefits of the Gazelle Freestyle, for the person who is working out regularly. Putting more time and effort makes the result more effective and helps you to lose weight faster.

3.Variable Grip Options:

One of the most significant features of the Gazelle Freestyle Glider is that it allows changing the degree of muscle involvement in a specific exercise, simply by changing the position of your grip. By gripping the center of the handlebars you can work out on the upper part and lower part of your body equally.

You can add variety to the exercise simply by moving your grip to different positions on the handlebar. For instance, if you prefer to work hard on your lower body, you can simply lower your grip on the handlebars.

4. Calories burnt:

The amount of calories burned depends on the weight of the user and their intensity of working out. Gazelle freestyle can help burn 520 calories per person weighs 120 lbs and could burn 520 calories. If a person weighs 200 lbs, it can help burn 840 calories in 60 minutes.

Advantages of Gazelle Freestyle:

Gazelle Exercise Machine

1. In-Built Workout Computer:

Gazelle freestyle gliders come with an onboard computer that keeps track of the speed, distance, workout time, as well as calories, burned. All this data is displayed on a digital LED screen.

2. Easy Setup and Assembly:

This is a very easy machine to put together. The box includes sheet instructions with pictures describing how to assemble which makes the setup quite convenient. You just have to follow the instructions and make sure you assemble the frame on the floor just as described in the pictures.

3. Comfort and Support:

The handlebars are padded with high-density foam. During mg long working out sessions these handlebar provides comfort for your hands and help you to exercise for a longer period of time.

4. Non-Skid Foot Platforms:

The foot platforms are made too wide, they are designed in a way that a person of any size can fit on the machine. The foot platforms are made of hard non-skid plastic material to prevent slipping off while exercising.

5. Low Impact:

This glider offers a smooth, gentle, low-impact workout through soft glide technology. Freestyle features make this perfect for people with joint and ankle issues.

6. Pulse Monitor:

It also includes a thumb pulse monitor that provides you with feedback on your heart rate as you exercise.

7. Accessories:

The Gazelle Supreme Glider comes with a water bottle holder that can hold up to 22oz of water.

8. Warranty:

The manufacturer gives a 12-month warranty.

9. Easy Storage:  

It comes with a transport wheel that makes storage very convenient. This allows the Gazelle Supreme to be wheeled away when you are done with the workout and want to store it.


Gazelle Elliptical Machine delivers low-impact cardiovascular and resistance workouts with a budget-friendly exercise glider. All three models allow you to work on your upper as well as on your lower body at the same time. This tones your muscles by burning calories during the process. Using it regularly will surely let you lose weight.

Gazelle Supreme Glider by Tony Little is suitable for users of almost all fitness levels, as it provides a smooth, quiet, and low-impact ride which makes it the right choice for your workouts. Take help from our reviews of all three models of Gazelle to decide which works best for you.

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