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9 Best Power Racks of 2021 For Home Gym – Reviews & Buying Guide

The health benefits of regular exercise are hard to ignore. Exercise controls weight, combats health conditions and diseases, improves moods, boosts energy, and so much more. It is essential that we give attention to our fitness because it will keep us healthy. There are various exercise options, some are easy to perform while some are tough too. One of the most popular exercise equipment that offers both efficiency and benefits is the power rack.

A power rack is a huge bunk of steel where weightlifting can be performed. The power rack is a securely and sturdily built equipment generally used for intense upper body workouts. The product can be used to perform other exercises like bench presses, pull-ups, military presses, squats, etc. A power rack that helps weightlifters in the building, toning core muscles and strengthening with maximum safety and stability.

9 Best Power Racks 2021 For Sale – Buying Guide

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When we talk about buying power racks, there are many different brands and manufacturers that offer various levels of quality and features. We have reviewed Top 9 Power Racks with their specifications and pros. Our buying guide can help you choose the most optimum power rack for your workout sessions.

1. Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment:

Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment

Valor Fitness BD7 Power rack features a sturdily built steel frame to provide intense workouts.


  • It comes with a 2″ x 2″ steel main frame.
  • Power rack has four 8″ plate storage pegs.
  • This offers 4 solid steel chrome adjustable-weight bar supports and 2 solid steel squat safety bars which makes it extremely safe.
  • Valor Fitness BD7 Power rack measures 47” in depth, 63.5” in width and 82” in height.
  • Each bar holder supplies the maximum weight capacity of around 500 lbs. whereas the lat pulldown attachment can carry up to 250 lbs.


  • The Lat Pulldown Attachment for this power rack is uniquely designed which allows you to carry out Lateral pull downs.
  • The best power rack with lat pulldown also comes with a carriage where you can load your weight plates for added intensity.
  • Valor BD7 permits you to regulate bar supports in 17 different positions.
  • You can work as per your convenience, it can also easily adapt with different heights of users.
  • It comes with the utility bar with foam padding in the center, helps in performing curls.
  • Seating and upright rows are supported by low pulley station wonderfully.
  • Rear frame of the power rack is integrated with 4 pegs that are about 8” long, these pegs can store weight plates handily, hence, saving space.
  • This rack works best for pull-ups, it is framed with strong and secure design.
  • A pull-up bar is provided for quick pull-ups, and has knurling on both side for a firm and anti-slip grip.
  • Lat pulldown Attachment that comes with this power rack is an additional advantage that adds up to the array of workouts to be performed. Catch bars of this rack can easily handle heavy lat pull down as well.
  • The structure comes with clear instructions for easy assembling.
  • With all the extraordinary features this power rack is also highly affordable with essential add-ons like dumbbell holders that can save a lot of space.

2. Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage:

Fitness Reality

Fitness Reality 810XT provides 800 lbs. of maximum weight capacity. It lets you experience a balanced workout session.


  • Large walk in space is provided which makes side to side movement easy.
  • It has 2″ x 2″ square steel frame construction. Safety bars have two 3 1/4″ long chrome lock, also has 23″ long chrome dual mounted safety bars.
  • Fitness Reality provides 19 adjustable height levels for the safety bars. These safety bars are compatible with 7′ Olympic bars.
  • This power rack delivers a multi-position pull up grip bars.
  • It can be attached with the Fitness Reality 1000 Super which has maximum 800 lbs. capacity and 12-position weight benches.
  • This power rack measures about 50.5” in length, 46.5” in width and 83.5” in height.


  • The large walk-in design of this power rack allows you to flexibly perform exercises that requires side-to-side movements.
  • Its power cage supports maximum security during workouts by providing 2 rear lock-in stability bars that are 3.25” long and 2 chrome safety catch bars that are 23” long.
  • It is an ideal purchase for those who are searching for a cost-effective piece of equipment.
  • Fitness Reality 810XLT conveniently adapts with different exercises and heights of users by its excellent feature of 19 variable safety bar height positions.
  • On the top of the power cage, it has an exclusive design of chin-up bar which allows you to exercise with multiple positions flexibly.
  • You can also pair this power cage with the Fitness Reality Weight Bench for more functionality and better results.
  • This multi-purpose power cage allows you to perform squats, shrugs, curls, push-ups, seated military shoulder presses,flat bench presses, and so on.
  • It offers 1 year of warranty period as well.
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3. Powerline PPR200X:

Powerline PPR200X

PowerLine power rack provides a safe and effective workout to the weightlifters while performing squats, military presses, and more.


  • The power rack is designed for helping weightlifters exercise safely and efficiently.
  • The wide walk-in design is offered which gives plenty of side-to-side movement.
  • It has 2 heat-tempered liftoffs and 2 saber-style safety rods.
  • This works ideally for squats, flat bench, incline presses, and shoulder shrugs.
  • The dimensions of the power rack measures 44 x 82 x 46 inches (W x H x D).
  • This comes with a 10-year frame warranty and 1 year of warranty on all the other parts.


  • Wide walk-in feature of the Powerline PPR200X gives more a space to weightlifters allowing them to perform varied exercises with maximum flexibility and security.
  • Variety of workouts that can be done by this multi-purpose power rack are squats, flat bench presses, inclined bench presses, shoulder shrugs, calf raises, decline presses etc.
  • The rack also offers a total of 18 positions which can help it accommodate a ton of various heights and exercises.
  • It has an excellent safety structure, this power rack comes with 2 saber-style safety catch bars and 2 heat-tempered safety bars on the rear.
  • These safety bars are robustly constructed which means that they can withstand rugged usage for several years.
  • Powerline PPR200X provides 18 different positions of safety bars to support different heights of weightlifters and types of exercises.
  • The upper section of the power is comprised of a pull-up bar which has knurling on both sides which provides a firm and non-slip grip while performing pull-ups.
  • The power rack is fairly sturdy, for this reason it is mostly recommended for beginners that are seeking to perform basic weightlifting exercises.

4. Titan Power Rack:

Power tower

Titan Power rack features a wide walk-in design and offers plenty of side-to-side movement for a variety of total body exercises.


  • The maximum weight capacity of this power rack is 700 lbs. HD J-hooks are also included with 2″x2″ Steel Uprights.
  • For storage and increased stability, power rack offers weight holders chin up bar of 1 1/4″ diameter.
  • The height of pull up baris 80″, the height of 83″ and weight is 107 lbs.
  • It has an opening equal to 44″ and depth equal to 48″.
  • Inside front to back bar of the power rack is 26″ with floor space of 48″ x 48″, made from material of steel.


  • The wide walk-in space feature allows you to get caged-in and do various exercises openly.The power rack are constructed from high-quality heavy-duty steel.
  • Titan power rack offers a total of 28 positions, helping you to accommodate for different heights and exercises.
  • The thepull-up bar is provided with 1.25” diameter on the top section of the power rack, it also has knurled surface. This makes it firm and secure for pull-ups and exercises. This pull-up bar provides large height space of about 80” high from the bottom and total height of this excellent power rack is about 83”.
  • There are 2 heavy-duty rear J-Hooks provided to accommodate the weight bar efficiently which provides you utmost protection while weightlifting. There is also two safety catch barsto prevent the weight bar from falling over you.
  • At the rear of this power rack, there are 2 pegs given to handily store weight plates, thus giving more space and y durable and sturdily built, making it an optimum choice for your home gyms.

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5. TDS Power Rack / Squat Cage:

TDS Power Rack / Squat Cage

TDS Power Rack is great for Squats, Bench Presses, Shrugs, Seated or Standing military Presses, Inclines etc. The weight carrying capacity of TDS Power rack is 1000 lbs.


  • J Hooks & 1″ Solid Steel Safety Bars are included in the product.
  • Front Chinning Bar is Deep Knurled and 1 1/8″ in diameter.
  • For adjustment numbers are 31 holes 2″ apart.
  • TDS is one of the oldest power racks, has been in business for 42 years. Thousands of power racks have been sold all over the world.


  • A power rack is constructed to be durable and robust.
  • The TDS Power rack is made from high-quality material and has an attractive white powder-coated finish.
  • Power rack comes with a heavy-duty J-hooks which can securely hold the weight bar in place while weightlifting. The safety bars of this rack has a 1” diameter. It is made from solid steel construction to preclude the weight bar from falling over you.
  • Top-notch front frame of TDS is assimilated with Chin-up bar having 1.125” diameter and provides you deep knurling to perform stable pull-ups without slipping.
  • TDS has a maximum weight capacity of about 1000 lbs. and weight of this power rack is about 138 lbs. Thus provides increased stability during workouts.
  • You can securely carry out other exercises such as squats, seated military presses, inclines, bench presses, shoulder shrugs, stand-up military presses, etc.
  • There are plate holders at the rear of this power rack to store Olympic weight plates, this also adds extra stability to the power rack.
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6. Rep Fitness PR-1100 Power Rack:

Rep Fitness PR-1100 Power Rack

CAP Barbell is the latest power rack has a full-size power cage with performance stations


  • Assembled specifications of the product is 74-Inch x60-Inch x90-Inch (D x W x H).
  • The material used in the construction is high-quality steel.
  • It can be used as a weightlifting cage, functional trainer or both.
  • This power offers other adjustable items too. For instance, ABS glide can be inserted to prevent binding and oversized grip pop pins.
  • To reinforce stability and durability, all structure uprights are double gusseted.


  • CAP Barbell is loaded with a performance pack which is consist of 8 additional fitness training stations and 2 convenience items.
  • This power rack features an extra wide base that supplies greater interior workout space.
  • The power rack comes with other extra features which makes it an optimum choice for workout. Theses specifications include adjustable dips bars, and muscle band posts.
  • It also offers heavy bag hanger, and an adjustable jump platform.

7. BodyCraft F430 Power Rack:

BodyCraft F430 Power Rack

The BodyCraft Power Rack is one of the finest product available in the market, it is built specifically for the person who knows how to push their body to the limit.


  • This power has rugged 11 gauge with 2″ X 3″ Steel Tubing.
  • It has an easy spring pin adjustments on safety spotters and bar catches.
  • Comes with a chin up bar.
  • BodyCraft Power Rack offers the lifetime warranty.


  • The rugged construction and easy adjustments of this amazing power rack make your workout enjoyable and quick. The product comes with adjustable spotter arms that are included for safe, solo workouts.
  • The power rack has a very sturdy build and weights over 200 lbs.
  • The chin-up bar of this rack is not too high, thus making it a good fit for home gyms.
  • The design and build of this power rack seem to be a work of art.
  • The quality of design and material is not limited to its visual appeal. With this rack, you can easily workout with hundreds of pounds without hesitation.
  • It is a pretty good power rack that is well-built and reasonably priced.

8. Atlas Power Rack:

Atlas Power Rack

Atlas Power Rack is a solid well-built power rack that will help you work out efficiently and safely.


  • It has 1″ round solid steel safety and short pins.
  • The product has lock on design and is chrome plated.
  • Atlas Power Rack has 28 holes which are 2″ apart, these holes are for adjustment.
  • It is made of heavy-duty steel and has a maximum weight capacity of 1000 lbs.
  • FID and Flat Bench are also available.
  • The short pegs of the rack are stronger to handle more weight and long pegs are provided with bar catch on end.
  • Comes with a 10 year frame warranty.


  • AtlasPower Rack provides extreme safety with its chrome plated safety pins.
  • This power rack is relatively light weight (137 pounds total).
  • It is one of the most affordable racks on the market. If you are searching for a lightweight rack that can efficiently support and produce a gigantic amount of weight but do not wish to spend a too much, then this Atlas Power Rack is just about the best rack you could buy.

9. Impex Marcy Platinum Power Rack and Bench PM-3800:

Impex Marcy Platinum Power Rack and Bench PM-3800

Impex Marcy Platinum Power Rack and Bench PM-3800 helps you to work out with ease, burn fat, and gain muscle strength at home


  • This rack consist of a heavy-duty 12-gauge, 3-inch welded steel frame.
  • All components including bar catches, dip handles, and safety catches have a chrome-plated finish.
  • The bench of the rack consist of a thick, high-density, double-stitched contoured padding that is hard-wearing and resilient.
  • The Marcy PM-3800 has high-tensile strength hardware and industrial-grade parts.
  • Impex Marcy Platinum Power Rack and Bench PM-3800 has a high-gloss jet-black powder-coat finish.
  • The revolutionary quad-linkage system of this power rack offers fast front-to-rear seat positioning.


  • The PM-3800 power rack allows you to target different muscle groups and body parts for an all-around workout.
  • The top bar of this power rack can alone provide more than 30 strength-training exercises, along with squats and military presses.
  • The chrome plated finish of the rack protects it from rust and everyday wear and tear for long-term usability.
  • The rack is comprised of adjustable back and seat pads that can take multiple configurations. For instance incline, flat, decline, and shoulder press positions for a variety of exercises.
  • For safe training and injury prevention, it exhibits an open full-cage design.

How To Use A Power Rack in 2021?

How to use a Power Rack in 2021

A power rack can be unfolded from 5 to 7 feet, providing a wider scope of exercise that can be performed. To know how to use a power rack, one should be able to be acquainted with the features it has, such as:

1. Saddles:

Saddles hold the barbell at any height for various exercises such as the squat. These saddles are moveable to help you achieve the optimum height so that you can start or initiate a particular power exercise.

2. Bars:

Bars are the very important part of the power rack, it catches the barbell. It provides safety and assurance that any accidents can be avoided. Bars must be properly set up or arranged in the power rack.

Various Tips When Using A Power Rack

Various Tips When Using A Power Rack

1. Trial and Error:

For beginners, it is absolutely fine if you seek assistance from a spotter and take help to set the pace for your exercise. But if you are a kind of person that can be taught or can understand by watching videos, then trial and error can be the perfect tip for you.

In this method, you can check the power racks efficiency and versatility by starting with a lightweight. Set the bars and saddles at your desired height and holes and lift the lightweight. If you feel alright with the settings then that is the appropriate setup and if not, you just have to look for another set.

2. Check For Stability:

Although power rack is a huge bunk of steel and carry a good amount of weight, there can be two common reasons due to which power rack can rise off the ground and cause injury;

The weights in the power rack are not properly placed.

If the power rack is standing unevenly on the floor. To avoid this situation make sure that the weights are appropriately arranged, also put rubber stops at the bottom of the beam to block it from moving.

3. Perfect Time To Use It:

The Power Racks can be used anytime as long as the individual is ready and willing to put effort, there is no particular perfect time to use it. Having power rack at home gives you the advantage of using it as per your convenience because the equipment stays and waiting to be used.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Power Rack in 2021

1. Rack Size:Things to Consider When Buying A Power Rack

Make sure the rack you are choosing to buy has enough floor space. The height of that power rack should not be higher than your ceiling, there should always be ahead clearance space for pull-ups. Consider the following things before making a decision:

  1. You should have the equipment space needed
  2. You should be able to move the rack to load the bar
  3. If Olympic barbells are over 7′ long, do measure them twice
  4. Every brand offers different accessories. Make sure you buy the one which provides accessories you want

2. Anchor Holes:

There are some of the power racks that are designed to be gripped to the lifting platform. Anchor holes are very important if you want to perform kipping pull-ups or want to attach a dip station. Ensure that the power rack you are buying has this feature.

3. Easy To Use:

Some standard equipment is so annoying to use. For example, most of the power racks have pin and pipe safety system by default. This mechanism is slow and horrible to use, power racks that come with spotter arms or straps provide much safe, convenient, and comfortable workouts.

The pin and pipe safety racks may be cheaper but then you will have to upgrade sooner or later and spend more money.

4. Safe and Secure:

Some of the brands of power rack have a stabilizer bar, these bars run along the bottom back side of the rack and keeps the rack stable even when it is not anchored.

Stabilizer bars supply a hindrance and get in the way of both your feet and your bench, this providing extra safety. Make sure that this bar is removable and thin enough to almost be horizontal with the ground.

5. Shipping:

Racks are expensive to ship as they are big and heavy. Mostly the rack costs half as much more just to ship, check the shipping rate of that particular rack you want to buy. Some retailers also offer free shipping on certain units.

Power Rack Training Benefits

Power Rack Training Benefits

1. No Need for a Spotter:

Power rack help you train alone and it comes with maximum safety. When you move the heavy weight without a spotter the power rack provides just the right kind of safeguards.

2. Peace of Mind:

An inimitable part of power rack training is that it is not only simply and safer, but also gives you the peace of mind with its relaxing moves. Because of its guaranteed safety you can add that extra five pounds to the bar and you know you won’t end up pinned under the barbell.

3. Target A Precise Range of Motion:

As you can control the safety catches to any height, power racks grants you the ability to uniformly train any part of your body with the full range of motion on any chosen exercise.

4. Plenty of Great Exercises:

Power rack helps you to do the most important exercises such as heavy barbell movements. In addition, there are many other ways of increasing the number of workouts that can easily be performed in your power rack.


Power Rack is an astounding piece of exercise equipment for both men and women. It is a versatile product that can be used for strength training to gain massive muscle all over your body as well as for aerobic exercise training and many more. Power Rack will certainly be the most important and beneficial purchase that you make for your home gym.